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By Michael Fossel

ISBN-10: 0688153844

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The 1st in-depth exploration of the intriguing box of anti-aging medication, Reversing Human getting older examines how getting older begins and progresses in the course of the physique, the tools that clinical scientists are devising to forestall it, and what may well take place once they be triumphant. Charts, graphs & illustrations.

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It is all but impossible to avoid them: Even a totally synthetic diet contains some toxic molecules and purely “organic” foods certainly do. But food is not the only port of entry. Bacteria and viruses live on your skin and in your intestines, nose, and lungs. These parasites maintain themselves at our expense and are seldom passive players. Antibiotics and our immune systems are only partially effective. The bacteria and viruses stay in our body and burden our immune system; occasionally they even rewrite our genes.

Assume that every day he now puts in only two new plants instead of fifty, and takes out only two. Assume that you continue to damage only one each night. 33 The damage rate hasn’t changed, but the turnover has slowed and the num­ ber of damaged plants increased. As it does with molecules. This is part of what happens as we age. The rate of adding plants (protein production) and subtracting plants (protein degradation) fall simultaneously. The number of plants in the garden (the protein pool) and the rate at which they are damaged (the rate of protein damage) can remain constant, but the result will still be an increase in the number of dead plants (the number of damaged proteins in your pro­ tein pool).

What if the clock, whatever it is, runs down too fast? That is what occurs in progeria (“early aging”) syndromes, which are as tantalizing and provocative to consider as the Hayflick limit. In these syndromes, aging seems to occur far earlier than for most of us, as though the switch has been thrown too early. The two most interesting (because we know more about them and they shed the most light on aging) are the Hutchinson- 51 T H E E N G I N E S O F A G I N G Gilford syndrome (sometimes simply called progeria) and Werner’s syndrome.

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