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By Iulian Kostantinovich Shchutskii

ISBN-10: 0710004079

ISBN-13: 9780710004079

The Description for this ebook, Researches at the I CHING, may be forthcoming.

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S. [Zottoli's Latin translation of 1880 is not mentioned here, but below on p. 39. It appeared in the third volume of his Cursus Literraturae Sinicae. ] 20.

Orresponding positions (1-4, 2-5, 3-6) are occupied by different lines, then it is considered that there exists a "correspondence" , between them; if they are occupied by the same line, then . there is ''no correspondence" among them. In the analysis of hexagrams special attention is given to the second and the fifth positions. , they are the ones in which ยท the qualities of the trigrams are manifested in the most perfect and balanced form. In addition, in the analysis of the hexagrams it is customary to consider that the light lines or dark lines acquire greater significance if they are in the minority.

The translation by Regis was published under the title: Y-King, Antiquissimus Sinarum liber, quern ex latina interpretatione P. P. edidit Julius Mohl (Stuttgart & Tiibingen, vol. 1, 1834; vol. u, 1839). S. 16 1. In Studies in Europe it in Europe. Thus in 1753 a book by Haupt on the I Ching was published. 6 It is worth noticing that in this book Leibniz is mentioned as a scholar of the Book of Changes who established his own theory of its interpretation. This problem is concisely and well set forth in Hauer's review mentioned above, and all we have to do is to quote from it.

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