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The scale on the left abscissa refers to Io (east), and that on the right refers to the plot for Io (west). Reproduced courtesy of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona. 2 mm. 5 mm. This property is in strong contrast to the re¯ectances of the other three satellites, as had been noted in the ®rst studies with infrared detectors and prism spectrometers accomplished by Kuiper (1957) and Moroz (1966). 3). 6 Earlier infrared observations of the Moon, planets, and a few astronomical sources had been possible with detectors sensitive at wavelengths beyond $10 mm, but these had insuf®cient sensitivity to detect fainter sources or to obtain spectra of any but the brightest objects in the sky.

Icarus, 36, 304±329. Nelson, R. , Lane, A. , Matson, D. , Fanale, F. , Nash, D. , and Johnson, T. V. 1980. Io: Longitudinal distribution of sulfur dioxide frost. Science, 210, 784±786. 32 A history of the exploration of Io [Ch. 2 Nelson, R. , Lane, A. , Morrill, M. , Wallis, B. , Smythe, W. , Horn, L. J. , 1993.

In an e€ort to provide an integrated explanation of the available evidence, Fanale et al. (1974) proposed that Io's surface was an evaporate deposit consisting principally of sulfur, and halite (NaCl). They noted that Io's spectrum is similar to a leach product from the Orgueil meteorite, and pointed out the consistency of the evaporite deposit hypothesis with the absence of spectral features due to water in Io's infrared spectrum. They noted furthermore that halite, when irradiated while at low temperatures exhibits an absorption band at about 560 nm as a consequence of the formation of a metastable color center.

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