Carol Hegarty's Reading Comprehension (English in Context) PDF

By Carol Hegarty

ISBN-10: 1562543601

ISBN-13: 9781562543600

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THIS PATTERN MAKES + = IT POSSIBLE TO LOCATE ANY PLACE ON EARTH. LONGITUDE LATITUDE • Lines of longitude, or meridians, • Lines of latitude, or parallels, run east and west. • Lines of latitude begin at 0° (zero degrees), the equator. • Locations from the equator to the North Pole are referred to as north latitude. Locations from the equator to the South Pole are referred to as south latitude. LATITUDE run north and south. • Lines of longitude begin at 0° (zero degrees), the prime meridian. • Locations from 0° to 180° east of the prime meridian are referred to as east longitude.

If a street begins in one square and ends in another, write a letter-number pair for both ends of the street. A STREET INDEX ➜ 1 Cherry St. Hazel St. es Lincoln St. Am 3. Cherry Street, ____________________ Broad St. 3 ____________________ Grant St. 4. Grant Street, S Liberty Rd. 2 West St. 2. Broad Street, ____________________ D ➜ ____________________ C N W➜➜ E Av e. 1. Ames Avenue, B 5. Lincoln Street, ____________________ C Write a street name, a direction, or a letter-number pair to correctly complete each sentence.

4. _____ Herman Melville is the author of Moby Dick. 5. _____ Mix, pour, and bake are cake-making steps listed in sequence. 6. _____ The flying shuttle made it much easier to separate seeds from fiber. D Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle with names of famous explorers and inventors. 1 C ACROSS 2 M 1. Italian citizen who explored under the English flag 3. Inventor of the steamboat 4. Discoverer of Peru 4 P 5. Inventor of the telephone 6. First Englishman to complete an around-the-world voyage 3 F 5 B DOWN 1.

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