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Usa wars have become repetitive. continually the standard situation. The mainstream media alert public opinion to the newest villain supposedly threatening to slaughter his personal humans . The U.S. does the task as an alternative with its drones and missiles. the recent villain is quickly forgotten, yet his state is left in a shambles, with competing enthusiasts vying to dominate the chaos. anything new is required. How a couple of lady conflict President? Hillary Rodham Clinton has painstakingly groomed herself for the function. Her checklist as Secretary of kingdom indicates that she is totally certified to be the 1st lady to be referred to as the mum of all drones or maybe to release international conflict III.

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This imaginary risk contributed to the mounting demonization of the Russian president. The anti-Putin campaign focused on an amendment to the child protection law overwhelmingly adopted by the Duma in June 2013 that bans promotion of “non-traditional sexual relationships” in the presence of minors. The measure in no way outlaws homosexuality, but was certainly designed to outlaw “Gay Pride” marches, which are seen by many Russians as Western-sponsored provocations. The law rests on the dubious assumption that public information normalizing same-sex relationships risks seducing children, and by implicitly associating homosexuality with pedophilia, will have a negative impact on efforts to overcome prejudice against homosexuals during the present era of conservative backlash in post-communist Russia.

Geostrategic interests for various reasons, a sentimental af inity with Islam was a way to merge “interests and ideals”. Having Huma at her side could enforce the illusion that Washington’s pro-Muslim policy in the Balkans was building genuine friendship between America and the Islamic world. In July 2010, Huma Abedin married Brooklyn Democratic Party politician Anthony Weiner, a left liberal colleague of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Weiner’s congressional career got off to a lying start during the Democratic Party primary when he anonymously blanketed his heavily Jewish district with lea lets linking his opponents to black leaders David Dinkins, then mayor of New York City, and Jesse Jackson.

Many other such dissident exiles have been funded through a variety of channels, often used in order to convince well-intentioned American citizens’ groups that “the people back home” want the United States to intervene on their behalf against their “dictator”. Perhaps the most notorious of these high- lying international con men was (and still is) Ahmed Chalabi, the Shi’ite exile who befriended the leading neocons in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, brie ing the Pentagon, the State Department, Congress and the New York Times into believing that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties with al Qaeda.

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