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He expressed his thoughts in poetic form and tried to achieve a synthetis between the study of nature and religious mysticism. Jaeger 1947, 129. 131-133. 54 Parmenides had said that he had been greeted by Truth herself and had received a revelation such as no mortal either before him or after him could ever enjoy. Unlike his all-too-confident predessor, Empedocles does not demand knowledge but asks the Muse to bestow on him ’as much (of her wisdom) as is becoming for ephemeral man to hear’. Jaeger 1947, 134- 136.

3) What caused it? 117 According to Aristotle, achieving the complete scientific understanding of something required knowledge of all these causes. Modern science has however attempted to eliminate final causes which refer to purpose from explanations, and has mainly concentrated on the investigation of effective causes. Also, any such effect has been thought to result from some previous event, while Aristotle primarily made reference to the person who brought about the change. Aristotle understood the scope of knowledge in a wider manner than Plato.

Whereas Heraclitus’ Logos, Empedocles’ Love and Strife, and Anaksagoras’ Nous were certain kind of causes whose efforts resulted in movement, the Atomists sort of turned everything upside down by making the movements of microscopic atoms in the void into the basis for material and the macroscopic world. According to some researchers, Atomists seeking the cause of movement followed Anaksagoras and hypothesised that some kind of rotating whirl motion was a basic movement in the cosmos. 72 The birth of any new body or system did however require that particles should come into contact with each other.

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