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Psychic Voyages (Mysteries of the Unknown)

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I to see that a young man was moment I Private Ritchie shivered was duffel bag bed that lying in the recalled. "1 I didn't myself had it. " Richmond. Out "You haven't seen the ward boy tray. " but the man walked sergeant "Excuse me. Sergeant," for this unit, sergeant did not answer or even slow down. At the yelled, No and ran from the room. The only thing he getting to walked toward him carrying an instrument Ritchie said. it. wrestled with the mystery of too strange to think about— and anyway, could think about Behind it.

Chological with two children from a was voyages— and undoubtedly appearance of to his he was seeking insight it all, Monroe made OBEs and other parapsyphenomena his full-time occupation. He founded the Monroe Institute for Applied Sciences in rural Virginia to teach techniques for achieving OBEs and other altered states of consciousness. Monroe had induced his own early OBEs with techniques much like those of Calloway and Locale included his counterpart's eventual marriage to Lea, a previous marriage.

A common dread is that the traveler may become permanently detached from the physical body and die, though no such misadventure has been reported. There are also accounts of unpleasant physical side effects, including a burning sensation and a racing heart Some when the astral self reenters the body. of the highlights of a more typically idyllic out-of-body experience are illustrated on the following pages. 45 PTO's'^'saagf^KT^-; I he astral voyager feels her body becoming rigid, immobile. She has the frustrating sensation of being unable to com- mand her own limbs.

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