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19) by x −m2 ξ −m1 - independent of t - to reduce it to the case m = 0. 20)) |∂t |uγ|2 | = |((gu + h)γ)∗ uγ + (uγ)∗ (gu + h)γ| ≤ c|uγ|2 + d|γ|2 , with positive constants c, d - in compact t-intervals. 2) holds for u, as t > 0. 22). 23) u|xt = gu|x + g|x u + h|x . state prop. 3. for the open interval |t| < 1 since it is needed in that form, later on. But it is evident that the statement holds as well if |t| < 1 is replaced by any other interval containing 0. 6. 24) u x u|x ). 31 It satisfies ˘ with g˘ = v|t = g˘v + h g 0 x g|x g ˘=( , h h x h|x ) .

Of course, N should be chosen such that the two inner integrals converge absolutely. Then, in addition,we should generate similar decay factors dydζ while differential operators (1 − ∆z )N and (1 − ∆η )N will land to replace dy, dζ by y 2N ζ 2N on the terms η 12N ( ξ−η )s1 and z 12N ( x )−s2 , respectively. These differentiations will not change the decay of the functions - neither improve nor disimprove. We must choose N large enough to insure absolute convergence of the integral for p(x, ξ) then we may differentiate under the integral sign - for x and ξ.

No question, this also is a symbol in ψc−e . Next step: U2 = U1 + W = U0 + Z + W with W ∈ Opψc−2e . Neglecting all terms in the symbol of order −3e (or less) we get u˙ 0 + z˙ + w˙ + ik(u0 + z + w) + k|ξ (u0 + z + w)|x − 2i k|ξξ (u0 + z + w)|xx = 0 . 9) to eliminate u˙ 0 and z, i terms k|ξ w|x and − 2 k|ξξ {z|xx + w|xx }, of order −3e. 11) i w˙ + ikw + k|ξ z|x − k|ξξ u0|xx = 0 , w(0, x, ξ) = 0 . 12) w(t, x, ξ) = − 0 i dτ ei(t−τ )k(x,ξ) {k|ξ z|x − k|ξξ u0|xx }(τ, x, ξ) . 2 Again, this belongs to ψc−2e−e2 .

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