Point Defects in Solids: General and Ionic Crystals by A. D. Franklin (auth.), James H. Crawford Jr., Lawrence M. PDF

By A. D. Franklin (auth.), James H. Crawford Jr., Lawrence M. Slifkin (eds.)

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Crystal defects can not be regarded as a systematic interest, yet has to be thought of a huge point of solid-state technological know-how. this is often principally simply because some of the extra fascinating homes of crystalline solids are disproportionately ruled via results as a result of a tiny focus of imperfections in an differently excellent lattice. The physics of such lattice defects is not just of value in a superb number of functions, yet can also be fascinating in its personal correct. therefore, an intensive technology of element defects and dislocations has been built in the past and a part a long time. inspired by means of the technological and medical curiosity in plasticity, there have seemed lately quite numerous books facing dislocations; relating to element defects, even though, merely only a few huge and vast remedies were released. hence, there are few compre­ hensive, educational assets for the scientist or engineer whose study ac­ tivities are plagued by aspect illness phenomena, or who may well desire to input the sector. it's partly to fill this want that the current treatise aims.

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The special property of ductility possessed by many metal allows thin wires to be drawn, which may be very rapidly quenched, at maximum cooling rates of 105 deg/sec or higher. With such rapid quenches, one may hope to retain the equilibrium defects present at the high quench temperature Tq and to determine the concentration X from an examination at lower temperatures from some property sensitive to the presence of the defects. The variation of the X with Tq should yield the formation parameters via Eq.

DX/dt)2! 32) Damask and Dienes62 have suggested that the atom fraction J of sinks presented by dislocations can be calculated as No'l''fP, where No is the number of dislocation lines per square centimeter and '1'0 is the volume per atom, a3/4 for the fcc lattice with a the lattice parameter. 4 X 10- 23 cm3 and No = 10 7, one finds J = 10-8 , about what Mori et al. 63 found from their studies of the influence of quench rate upon the quenched-in resistivity in gold. Using 1013 sec-1 for 'I' and 7 X 10-4Tm for both enthalpies, one finds from Eq.

This procedure seems to be vindicated by the agreement found between their value for hi" and those resulting from studies of the quenched-in resistivity. While divacancies are not as numerous as single vacancies at equilibrium up to the melting point, they probably do form during quenching from high temperatures and anneal out rapidly at low temperatures ('""""-'O°C) upon subsequent annealing. Single-vacancy motion can be observed in specimens either quenched from temperatures low enough to avoid appreciable divacancy formation 93 or else after a short pulse anneal at temperatures of the order of 270°C to break up the divacancies already formed.

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Point Defects in Solids: General and Ionic Crystals by A. D. Franklin (auth.), James H. Crawford Jr., Lawrence M. Slifkin (eds.)

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