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Mal force first when solving for F net n ៬Fn (b) ϩ ϩ ៬Ff Vertically, 150 N Fnet ϭ Fn Ϫ Fg Ϫ 40 N a៬ There is no vertical motion. Therefore, Fnet ϭ 0 and Fg ϭ mg. 9)(158 N) ϭ 142 N The force of friction acting on the lawn mower is 142 N. ៮៬ in the y (vertical) direction, we now solve for F ៮៬ Having solved for F net net in the direction of motion (horizontal, x) to calculate the lawn mower’s acceleration. Fnet ϭ 150 N Ϫ Ff The direction of friction is opposite to the direction of motion. 7 m/s2 [E].

Because the contact points are so close to each other, intermolecular forces form microscopic welds that must be broken in order for the objects to move apart. These welds continually form and break as the objects move across each other. 52 A lamp at rest on a table ៬Ftable ៬Fg Consider a lamp sitting on a table. 52 is a free-body diagram of the lamp showing the force due to gravity (downward) and the force due to the table (upward). Assuming that the lamp isn’t accelerating, these two forces are equal and opposite.

3) The acceleration is constant in both magnitude and direction for the entire motion. For this reason, the ball slows down as it goes up and speeds up as it falls down. 3 m is the maximum height of the ball. 82 s. c) Because of symmetry, we know that the time to go up equals the time to come down. 6 s. 8 m/s2 ⌬t ϭ ? 0 m/s. 0 s later. How far down from the top of the cliff is the beach? Consider up to be positive. 4 m ts g cha pt e r 1 : Kinematics and Dynamics in One Dimension pplyin the ncep Co 1.

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