James E. Martin's Physics for Radiation Protection: A Handbook, 2nd Edition PDF

By James E. Martin

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Work was done or energy was expended to get it there – if it were raised to another perch, one meter higher, the same amount of work would need to be done again. The basic concepts of energy, work, and position associated with a rock can be extrapolated to atoms, which are what they are because their constituent particles exist at distinct energy levels. A rock on the perch can be thought of as “bound” with the ground; it has positive energy relative to the ground by virtue of the work done on it to get it up there.

Einstein believed there was a more fundamental connection between the four forces of nature and he sought, without success, a unified field theory to elicit an even more fundamental law of nature. Even though his genius was unable to find the key to interconnect the four forces of nature, or to perhaps describe a unified force that encompassed them all, his brilliant and straightforward mass/energy concepts provided the foundation for later descriptions and understanding of the origins of atomic and nuclear phenomena, including the emission of radiation and its energy.

This atom is defined as helium because it has two protons. It has a mass of 3 (2 protons plus 1 neutron) and is written as helium-3 or 3He. Because neutrons provide a cozy effect, yet another neutron can be added to obtain 4He. Although extra mass was added in forming 4He, only two electrons are needed to balance the two positive charges. , a charged helium nucleus). If yet another neutron is stuffed into helium to form helium-5 (5He), the atom now contains more mass than it can handle and it breaks apart very fast (in 10–21 s or so); it literally spits the neutron back out.

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