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Participation past the poll field is a great addition to the literature on democracy and the position of civil society. It demonstrates that new mechanisms being brought in Western Europe can and do supply the aptitude to noticeably enhance the democratic method.

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But along with independence, other forms of control, such as entrusted control, are seen as forms of real citizen control, where citizens are able to determine their own agendas and their own ways of working. The difference between the Burns et al. model and the Arnstein model is partly one of language. The Burns et al. model does show greater sophistication at the higher rungs of the ladder, as well as distinguishing usefully between citizen participation and citizen control. However, criticisms can be made of this approach too.

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It is neat—one either exits or does not; it is impersonal—any face-to-face confrontation between customers and firm with its imponderable and unpredictable elements is avoided and success and failure of the organisation are communicated by statistics; and it is indirect…. In all these respects voice is the opposite of exit. It is a far more ‘messy’ concept because it can be graduated…; it implies articulation of one’s critical opinions rather than a private, ‘secret’ vote in the anonymity of a supermarket; it is direct and straightforward rather than roundabout.

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