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0). 1. Basic formulas of elementary mathematics 35 Example: In addition one has: Bernoulli numbers and infinite series: For all complex numbers x with 0 < \x\ < 2-7T, one has: Bernoulli numbers also appear in the power series expansion of the functions (cf. 2). Bernoulli numbers also play an important role in the summation of the inverses of powers of natural numbers. Euler discovered in 1734 the famous formula More generally, Euler discovered for k = 1, 2 , . . the values12: Even earlier, the brothers Johann and Jakob Bernoulli had tried for a long time to determine the value of these series.

The two lines are called the asymptotes of the hyperbola. 15(b)). 1. 15(a)). 15. Properties of the hyperbola. 15(c)). 15(a) is run through once in the direction of the arrow in that picture. The initial point at t = 0 is the point (a, 0) on the hyperbola. 15(a) is run through once by the parameterization Geometric characterization of a hyperbola: By definition, a hyperbola consists of all points P whose difference of distances from two given points 5_ and B+ is constant, equal to 2a (cf. 15(d)).

N in which one agrees to replace E by En after the multiplication has been carried out. This gives a convenient recursion formula for the En. 12. The Euler numbers Ek (Ei = E3 = E5 = . . = 0). k Ek k Ek k Ek 0 I 6 -61 12 2,702,765 2 _j 8 1,385 14 -199,360,981 4 5 10 -50,521 Euler numbers and infinite series: The Euler numbers occur in the power series expansion of the functions (cf. 2). For k = 1. 2 , . . 5 The triangle inequality13: 13 The statement 'for all a £ R ' means that the formula is valid for all real numbers a.

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