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The e-book surveys mathematical kinfolk among classical and quantum mechanics, gravity, time and thermodynamics from a number of issues of view and plenty of assets (with applicable attribution). The emergence subject matter is built with an emphasis at the that means through arithmetic. A history subject matter of Bohemian mechanics and connections to the quantum equivalence precept of Matone et al. is additionally constructed in nice aspect. a few unique paintings pertaining to the quantum capability and Ricci stream can also be integrated.

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1. 7) R 2 Sx = − x x m∂t R2 dx + f (t); R2 Ex = −Qx R2 x 2Rt − m∂t R2 dx + f R giving Sx and Ex modulo an arbitrary differentiable function f (t). Note also + m∂t2 R2 dx − f + R2 R2 2 (Sx )x = R2 Vx + Sx Sxx 2m m and Sxx can be determined via (1/m)(R2 Sx )x = −∂t R2 . Hence R2 Vx can be determined from R2 Ex . 2 for more details). 2. For a free particle in 1-D there are possibilities such as 2 ψ1 = Aexp[i[px−(p2 t/2m))/ ] and ψ2 = Aexp[−i(px+(p t/2m))/ ] in which case √ Q = 0 for both functions but for ψ = (1/ 2)(ψ1 + ψ2 ) there results Q = p2 /2m (p ∼ k here).

16) ˆ n (r , t ) = ψn (r, t) = Kψ d3 r K(r, r , t − t )ψn (r , t ) ˆ r )K(r, r , t − t ) = −i δ(r − r ). 19) ∞ i K(r, r t)e(i/ )(E+i )t dt = ψn∗ (r )ψn (r) G(r, r ; E) = − lim →0 0 1 E − En ˆ r )G(r, r ; E) = δ(r − r ). 20) G0 (r, r ; E) = − 2m exp(ik|r − r |) 4π|r − r | (in 2-D there is a Hankel function H0+ (k|r − r |) and k ∼ number). √ 2mE/ is the wave 18 1. 23) ρW (x, p) = 2π −∞ ∞ 1 dyψ ∗ (x + (y/2))ψ(x − (y/2))e(ipy/ ) 2π −∞ and√one defines the momentum space wave function via a formula (1Q) φ(p) = ∞ (1/ 2π ) −∞ dxψ(x)exp(ipx/ ).

Thus starting with a manifold M with metric gij and random initial conditions as indicated for a particle of mass m, the resulting classical statistical dynamics based on a probability distribution P with ρ = mP can be properly phrased in a Weyl geometry in which the particle undergoes classical motion with probability one. The assumed Weyl geometry as well as the particle motion is determined via ρˆ(ρ, g) which says that given a different P there will be √ a different ρ and ρˆ (since g is fixed).

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