New PDF release: Numerology the Complete Guide, Volume 1: The Personality

By Matthew Oliver Goodwin

ISBN-10: 0878770534

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ISBN-13: 9781564148599

Numerology, the best of the occult sciences to grasp, bargains deep insights into the character. you should use numerology to appreciate your self, associates, affiliates and fans. You can see the dynamics of relationships and you'll confirm the simplest time to marry, switch jobs, stream, make investments and shuttle. a few distinctive gains of quantity I: The character studying are: ( motives of the 4 significant "core" components and the modifiers of the analyzing, and their relative significance. ( a whole precise reference chart section--a certain, preassembled structure which provides all of the info you wish quick and simply, making memorization pointless. whole pattern personality read-dings with step by step guidance. ( Illustrations of ways to solve the conflicts and ambiguities found in any personality interpreting.

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He is often a relatively impractical idealist, far more a dreamer than a doer. There is an undercurrent of nervous tension always present from the high power sources to which the individual is attuned. He has to learn to live with his special powers, to set himself aside from the world of material accumulation in order to better understand the powerful forces which can reveal a higher guidance. ). MASTER BUILDER The second master humber, the 22, is potentially capable of combining the idealism of the first master number, the 11, with the ability to put these ideals into a concrete form.

Life Path Turn to CHART 2: THE LIFE PATH on page 236. Here you'll find discussions of the salient points of all the Life Paths. Central Focus The upper horizontal division, labeled "Central Focus," contains discussions of the main lesson of each Life Path. The essence of the lessons are the keywords appearing adjacent to the number at the top of the table. The discussion in this upper division is an elaboration on the keywords. :

PART I: INTRODUCTION 12 Odd/even numbers The numbers are related to each other in many different ways. The odd numbers, for example, have somewhat different qualities than the even. ). Other number relations EVEN NUMBERS ILLUMINATION 22 MASTER BUILDER The odd numbers can be thought of as dealing with the individual alone-the individuation of the 1 or the selflessness of the 9; the even numbers, on the other hand, involve the rela,tion of the individual to the group-the cooperation of the 2, the love of the 6.

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