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By B.V. Raman

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The booklet analyses a few of the mixtures that have produced personages like Lord Krishna, the Buddha, Adi Sankara, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Einstein, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Tippu Sultan, Vidyaranya, Tagore, Hilter, Suryanarian Rao, Abraham Lincoln, Sudhash Bose, Aurobindo, Thyagaraja, Bernad Shah, Godse, and so on. this may turn out to be an invaluable booklet for learn and examine paintings. No different current booklet comprises this sort of number of invaluable info and horoscopes. (Reprinted)

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The 2nd lord being Jupiter and the 2nd house being unafflicted gave him a "deep and pleasant voice". The karaka of the mind Moon is in Leo aspected by Saturn Lagna lord. In the Navamsa again, the Moon is afflicted. Consequently, (it is said) that "he was in the habit of giving violent expression to the emotions of anger and mirth". The last days of the Prophet, however, (Jupiter Dasa) were remarkable by a calmness and serenity of mind. The 4th house is highly afflicted indicating that he was illiterate.

Jupiter's Dasa was the most significant period in the Master's life. Jupiter is Gnanakaraka and owns a Dharmatrikona. He aspects Lagna lord occupying the 12th; the 2nd or house of speech; and the 4th or house of acquisitions— here intellectual and philosophical. Besides these, he occupies the constellation of Mars—a first-rate yogakaraka. All the results of this yogakaraka found expression in the Dasa of Jupiter. Within the sub-periods of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, Sankara's chief works—commentaries on the principal Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and Brahma Sutras—were written in Varanasi where he lived for several years occasionally going to Badrinath.

Nero was prouder of the reputation as an artist than of his glory as an Emperor. Clad in the humble garments of the professional actor (Saturn aspecting Lagna and hence setting at naught conventionalities) he would await his turn to appear before the musical adjudicators imploring judgment only on the merits of his performance. , Sagittarius, his was a complex personality. His horoscope does not reveal him to be as bad as he is depicted in history. Adored by the people of Rome and worshipped as God by the Greeks, he was nevertheless dispelled by the senatorial and patrician families of Rome (Mars and the Sun in Dwirdwadasa).

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Notable Horoscopes by B.V. Raman

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