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By Brinsley Le Poer Trench

ISBN-10: 0812870018

ISBN-13: 9780812870015

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The audience listen to what is happening onstage, empathise and react. This reaction is communicated to the actors, which in turn affects their performance. Thus an atmosphere of "Dramatic Awareness"-a shifting of awareness towards the mythic arena of experience-can quickly be generated. If the audience is familiar with the myths or struggles being displayed on stage, then the experience may be cathartic for all concerned. Something similar occurs during a magical ritual, particularly in Group rituals, where the participation of all those within a Free Area contributes towards each individual's experience of the ritual.

Again, this definition is necessarily broad, since there are a great many approaches to, styles of, and categories of ritual practice; from full-blown ceremonial magic utilising robes, banners, and props carefully arranged to represent a particular magical system, to on-the-spot improvisation. The latter may be just as effective as the former; power-as arises from skill-resides in the ritualist, not the words, gestures or symbols alone. By performing ritual, we enter a space in which all normal limitations on the barriers to what is possible are swept aside.

1. Preparation It is not always easy to say at what point a ritual begins or ends, since the preparation to perform a ritual can itself be elaborate: cleaning the area to be used, bathing, relaxing and meditating can be as much part of the ritual as the main event. Fasting and self-deprivation (giving up habits and addictions) are also time-honoured methods of focusing awareness towards a particular task or goal. Especially effective are those preparations which produce changes in somatic awareness, such as dieting, sleep deprivation or reducing ones normal intake of stimulants.

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