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By John G. Scandalios and E.W. Caspari (Eds.)

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Under normal circumstances, the asexual life cycle is controlled by a light-dark cycle (approximately 32 hours light to 16 hours dark) (Kirk and Kirk, 1985). Toward the end of the light period gonidia (asexual reproductive cells) initiate the sequence of rapid cleavage divisions that constitute the first phase of embryogenesis. The switch from asexual to sexual reproduction is initiated by the action of a glycoprotein pheromone “inducer” that is produced by the sexual male Voluox. The protein accumulates in sperm packets and is released along with the sperm into the medium.

The molecular basis of the dual regulation of the small HSP gene expression has been the subject of a number of recent independent HEAT-SHOCK PROTEINS AND DEVELOPMENT 7 investigations. In particular, it is important to establish whether the induction of the HSP genes by ecdysterone administration and by heat shock is controlled by similar or distinct promoter sequences. This problem is being addressed by two methods of deletion analyses of the upstream sequences of the HSP27 genes in Drosophila.

The temporal expression of HSP83 differs from that of the small HSPs, which are predominantly expressed in third instar larvae, prepupae, and pupae. HSP70 is the dominant stress protein expressed in Drosophila as HEAT-SHOCK PROTEINS AND DEVELOPMENT 9 well as other organisms. There are five stress-activated HSP70 genes in D . , 1977; Henikoff and Meselson, 1977); thus, it is surprising that little if any HSP70 mRNA is expressed during oogenesis and embryogenesis. , 1983). Three heat-shock cognate genes, H S C I , HSCB, and HSC4, have been characterized thus far in D .

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