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By Nancy M. Sherwood, Choy L. Hew, Anthony P. Farrell and David J. Randall (Eds.)

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Parker and N. M. Sherwood, unpublished). Structural organization of the salmon gene with five exons is the same as the human PRP/ PACAP gene. The major structural difference between human PRP/ PACAP and salmon GHRH/PACAP genes is the small size of the salmon introns. Each exon of the salmon gene encodes a distinct domain of the GHRH/PACAP preprohormone mRNA, which is characteristic of all members of the glucagon superfamily (Bell, 1986). Identification of the salmon GHRH/PACAP gene places its emergence before the time that fish and tetrapods diverged.

It is interesting to note that administration of exogenous G H had no effect on testicular GHRH mRNA levels (Berry and Pescovitz, 1990). This is in contrast to the negative feedback effect of GH on hypothalamic GHRH gene expression and may reflect tissue-specific differences in GHRH gene regulation. The rat ovary contains a GHRH-like peptide that is immunologically indistinguishable from hypothalamic GHRH. , 1992). , 1992). The more abundant form of rat placental GHRH mRNA is the same size as rat hypothalamic GHRH and encodes an identical preproGHRH protein, suggesting that one of the mature peptide forms in placenta is identical with hypothalamic GHRH.

1993; Bogerd and Goos, 1993). , 1992b) (Fig. 11). 1. MOLECULAR EVOLUTION OF GHRH AND 33 GnRH Table I11 Amino Acid Sequence Similarity (70)Among Vertebrate GnRHs ~~ L-I Lamprey GnRH-I Lamprey GnRH-111 Chicken GnRH-I1 Dogfish GnRH Salmon GnRH Catfish GnRH Mammal GnRH Chicken GnRH-I L-I L-111 c-I1 DF S CF M c-I L-111 C-I1 DF S CF M 100 80 80 100 C-I 100 70 100 60 80 100 60 80 90 100 60 70 80 YO 100 50 50 50 70 60 60 80 70 70 80 70 70 70 80 80 YO 100 B. Phylogenetic Studies 1. IMMUNOCYTOCHEMISTRY The location of GnRH neurons in the fish brain shows several evolutionary trends.

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