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In the resulting topologies, the Pectinidae was strongly supported as monophyletic (BI: 90 poster probability (PP); ML: 85% bootstrap support (BS)). Next, the molecular support for Waller’s four subfamilies, the Pectininae, Palliolinae, Chlamydinae, and Camptonectinae was examined. Using only discrete morphological synapomorphies, these subfamilies are difficult to diagnose (Waller, 1993: p. 199) and, instead Waller created these groups based primarily on linkages between extinct taxa (Waller, unpublished data) and two general trends that helped define the subfamilies.

This was a surprising result because both the Barucca et al. (2004) and Malkowsky and Klussmann-Kolb studies used exemplars from the same species, D. vitreus. Because the two specimens of D. 5% identical, Serb (unpublished result) suggests that these two specimens may not be the same species or even congeners. Based on the similar phylogenetic placement of Delectopecten in the Alejandrino et al. and Barucca et al. studies and the high degree of genetic similarity among those three species (Serb, unpublished result), it is very likely that the D.

As such, the Decatopectinini contains the greatest diversity of life habits in the family. Aequipectinini The last tribe related to the Pectininae is the Aequipectinini. This tribe includes eight genera: Aequipecten Fischer, 1886; Argopecten Monterosato, 1889; Cryptopecten Dall, Bartsch, and Rehder, 1938; Haumea Dall, Bartsch, and Rehder, 1938; Leptopecten Verrill, 1897; Paraleptopecten Waller, 2011; Lindapecten Petuch, 1995, and Flexopecten Sacco, 1897 (Dijkstra, 2014). Alejandrino et al. (2011) included 10 species from 4 of the 8 genera.

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