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Olfactory Cistern This cistern is formed by the arachnoid over the olfactory tract between the orbital gyri laterally and the gyrus rectus medially. The olfactory sulcus between the gyri may be several (usually 5-10) millimeters deep with the cistern expanding slitlike into the sulcus (Fig 22). Inferiorly it is bounded rostrally by the floor of the anterior fossa including the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone and caudally by the chiasmatic cistern. Posteriorly it joins several other cisterns above the internal carotid artery bifurcation.

The difference between patients is in the size of the vessels, which can vary greatly and often with one or more dominating (socalled "hyperplastic"). This size difference may be so great that it appears that the primary feeding artery for a given region varies from brain to brain. However, when the underlying pattern is understood, a basic picture emerges. In aneurysm surgery, the need for detailed knowledge of cerebrovascular anatomy reaches its height. Preoperatively, the surgeon plans an approach based on his basic knowledge of the arrangement of the vascular tree.

3) Anterior choroidal a. (4) Pontine ramus. (5) Basilara. (6) Anterior spinal a. (7) Vertebral a. (8) Posterior spinal a. (9) Cristagalli. (10) Anterior cerebral a. (10a) Pericallosal a. (11) Ophthalmic a. ( 1 2 ) Middle cerebral a. (13) Posterior cerebral a. (14) Superior cerebellar a. (15) Labyrinthine a. ( 1 6 ) Anterior inferior cerebellar a. (1 7 ) Middle inferior cerebellar a. ( 1 8 ) Posterior inferior cerebellar a. , M. G. Yasargil: Cerebral Angiography, 2nd Ed. Thieme, Stuttgart 1982) Fig 35C (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) 55 A contemporary drawing of the Circle of Willis.

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