Gaetano Santulli's microRNA: Basic Science: From Molecular Biology to Clinical PDF

By Gaetano Santulli

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This quantity explores microRNA pathophysiology, concentrating on simple recommendations in molecular and mobile biology. Chapters contributed via top scientists study lately chanced on pathways in different approaches, together with getting older, diabetes, heart problems, hematopoiesis, and mitochondrial health. The authors contextualize microRNAs inside epigenetics and micropeptidomics, angiongenesis and atherosclerosis, endometrial pathophysiology, and extra. all through, a variety of colour photos, diagrams of molecular pathways, and tables increase the text.

microRNA: easy Science is a perfect spouse to either microRNA: clinical Evidenceand microRNA: Cancer. Taken jointly, those 3 books offer a state of the art assessment of this rapidly-expanding and engaging box, from the molecular point to scientific perform. will probably be worthwhile to clinical scholars, physicians, and researchers, as a whole and precise consultant within the exploration of microRNA in uncomplicated technology, melanoma and medical perform.

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Found that the loop sequence is dispensable for DROSHA processing, and that synthetic “hairpins” in which the loop is replaced by an extended duplex with open termini are easily processed [33]. Both studies identified the importance of single-stranded RNA regions flanking the base of the lower stem for recognition of the pre-miRNA by the Microprocessor complex [32, 33]. Thermodynamic analysis of hundreds of human and D. melanogaster pri-miRNA hairpins revealed that the DROSHA cleavage site is typically ~11 nucleotides (~1 helical turn) from the ssRNA–dsRNA stem junction and ~22 nucleotides (~2 helical turns) from the terminal loop, suggesting that DROSHA measures the distance from either the base of the stem or the loop in order to determine the cleavage site.

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Conserved vertebrate mir-451 provides a platform for Dicer-independent, Ago2-mediated microRNA biogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107: 15163–8. 93. Schirle NT, MacRae IJ. The crystal structure of human Argonaute2. Science. 2012;336: 1037–40. 94. Elkayam E, Kuhn C-D, Tocilj A, Haase AD, Greene EM, Hannon GJ, Joshua-Tor L. The structure of human Argonaute-2 in complex with miR-20a. Cell. 2012;150:100–10. 95. Lewis BP, Burge CB, Bartel DP. Conserved seed pairing, often flanked by adenosines, indicates that thousands of human genes are microRNA targets.

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