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Medieval Islamic Civilization examines the socio-cultural heritage of the areas the place Islam took carry among the 7th and 16th century. this significant two-volume paintings includes over seven hundred alphabetically prepared entries, contributed and signed through overseas students and specialists in fields corresponding to Arabic languages, Arabic literature, structure, artwork heritage, heritage, heritage of technological know-how, Islamic arts, Islamic experiences, heart jap reviews, close to japanese reviews, politics, faith, Semitic stories, theology, and extra. This reference offers an exhaustive and bright portrait of Islamic civilization together with the various medical, inventive, and spiritual advancements in addition to all points of everyday life and tradition. For an entire record of entries, individuals, and extra, stopover at

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Paris, 1950. ABU HANIFA AL-NU‘MAN ABU BAKR Abu Bakr b. Abi Quhafa, as his full name is usually given, was from the clan of Taym of the prominent tribe of Quraysh. He is said to have been born two to three years after Muhammad, so he was probably born around 572 CE in Mecca. Sources report that he was a wealthy merchant before his conversion to Islam and that he had expert knowledge of the genealogies of the Arab tribes. He married four times and had six children, the most famous of whom was ‘A’isha, who became the Prophet’s youngest wife.

He attended the lecture sessions of Hammad b. Abi Sulayman (d. 120/738) in Kufa and possibly of ‘Ata’ b. Abi Rabah (d. AH 114 or 115) in Mecca. After Hammad died, Abu Hanifa gained fame as the foremost scholar of religious law in Kufa, but he never served as qadi ( judge); however, he was offered judgeships by various rulers, such as Yazid b. ‘Amr, the governor of Iraq during the time of Marwan ibn Muhammad, who was the last Umayyad caliph. When Abu Hanifa declined, Yazid had him whipped, and the former escaped to Mecca, where he stayed for five or six years.

Vol. 1, 109–11. ABU HANIFA AL-NU‘MAN Abu Hanifa al-Nu‘man b. Thabit b. Zuta, theologian and jurist, is the eponymous founder of the Hanafi legal school. He was born in Kufa circa AH 80/699 CE and died in 150/767 in a prison in Baghdad at the age of 70. His grandfather Zuta is said to have been brought over from Kabul to Kufa, where he settled after being set free. There are not many details available about Abu Hanifa’s life in Kufa. Sources report that he worked there as a silk merchant and also that he acquired scholarly training in the religious law and hadith.

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