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By Paul Huson

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An everlasting vintage on the grounds that its book in 1970, gaining knowledge of Witchcraft is among the top how-to manuals for these wishing to perform conventional eu Witchcraft as a craft instead of a brand new Age faith. ranging from first ideas, Huson instructs the beginner step-by-step within the arts of circle casting, blessing and banning, the makes use of of amulets and talismans, philters, divination, necromancy, waxen photographs, knots, fascination, conjuration, magical familiars, spells to arouse ardour or lust, reach vengeance, and naturally, counter-spells to exorcize and annul the malice of others."A real vade mecum."-The Catholic bring in.

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Repeat the operation a third and final time, using the next knot down, the three-feet-sixinch one, which will give you your inner circle of seven-foot diameter. This is your magic circle. You must now proceed to exorcise the ground inside it by sprinkling and censing to the four quarters—east, south, west and north—always travelling deosil, and using your fire and water exorcism. Having got this far, you are now standing in a ritually purified witches' circle, and the lens for your witch power is in position.

Sometimes tiny gold or silver bells are also sewn on, reminiscent of those worn by English Morris dancers. On the outer surface of the garter are embroidered the witch name, coven symbol, and coven rank, if any. Sometimes the same signs that are inscribed upon the Athame are also added. Garters are always worn above the left knee, and let me reiterate, only on coven occasions or during the casting of spells. The garter concludes the list of witch jewels. Most of them are optional, except for the necklace in the case of women.

The Witches' Cup The witches' cup is a variant of the cauldron of Ceridwen. This, in turn, was a Celtic development of early Prytanic myth which later became the central theme of all the legends concerning the Holy Grail, that mysterious relic which is woven inextricably into the Arthurian romances. The cauldron, bowl, or cup symbolizes the receptive passivity of the great womb of nature, out of which all things are born and to which all return. It is seen as female in nature and is analogous with night, darkness, space, and, of course, the all-encompassing sea.

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