Magical Pathworking: Techniques of Active Imagination by Nick Farrell PDF

By Nick Farrell

ISBN-10: 0738704075

ISBN-13: 9780738704074

Character refinement is a precursor to critical religious paintings. via thoughts of pathworking (guided meditation), your mind's eye can shine a magic replicate in your character. This internal panorama unearths your international as your subconscious sees it - a viewpoint that allows you to make dramatic adjustments, even to the purpose of rooting out neuroses and getting better from mental trauma. turn into the ruler of your individual internal country with pathworking info that has been within the arms of the the Western secret faculties for hundreds of years. Nick Farrell unveils this mystery fabric with his personal vast examine into mind's eye and brain magic.

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Active Meditation Symbols Active meditation uses symbols to build a road of ideas to a particular spiritual idea or goal. These symbols are designed by people who have gone before and have obtained results by applying them in various combinations. Active meditation has the advantage over passive meditation in that although the problems of association chains remain, the mind can be steered away from heading down meditative blind alleys. The system's weakness is that its practitioners can become obsessed with the intellectual meaning of the symbols or become too reliant on symbols at the expense of spiritual progress that they are unable to drop them when the time for development comes.

Repeat this until the feet are totally relaxed. Continue with the other parts of the body. Magical Imagination / 27 There will be some parts of the body that will be tenser than others and will require special attention, but the more effort you pay to relax them, the greater the rewards later in your meditation. You are on the tenth floor. "The elevator descends, and when it arrives you are at your most relaxed. Allow the doors to slide open, and you will find a plain wooden door before you. This is the entry point to your Inner Kingdom.

Shrink until you are your normal size. The channel between you and the divine being is open and the golden coins are still pouring down. 10. Say to yourself, "From the exhaustless riches of the limitless substance of the divine being, I can take everything I need, for now and ever more. There are many different pitches that this energy works at, but it is essentially an expression of one thing worhng at different levels in much the same way that electricity works in a light bulb or a television.

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