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By Al G. Manning

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Magic of recent Ishtar strength

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Reported: I was running late on my to the airport when I All four lanes had stopped WilY realized I was stuck on the freeWBy. completely and it began to look like I would miss my plane. This was clearly a time when I could use the pentagram ritual in my car in perfect safety. I went through the ritual like this: "Ishtar, Bast, Isis, Osiris, Thoth, Mighty Ra, thank you fnr your love 8lld friendship, your help, protection, effectiveneBB and prosperity-and please he! " Within about 10 seconds, only MY lane began to move and somehow I got paat the tie-up and boarded the plane with five minutee to spare.

Is an "amateur chemist" who had struggled for three yean to gather the equipment to make and market a common product by a new and exceptionally inexpensive process he had conceived. " Here ia hie report: I used the Ishtar Money/Fertility Rite, and after the fllBt ��e��sion I felt so good that I talked over the proce1111 and the FOCUS ISHTA R POWER FOR A BOOST TO YOUR FINANCES 51 equipment and financing problems with those wonderful energy trBJillfonner personalities. We had a nice chat (of course I did all the talking), and I came away with a good feel­ ing that they would help.

Now lay a dollar bill (or larger denomination if it appeals to you) across your power star from east to west, with the top of the picture's head facing north. You will notice that it covers the symbols of Ra (east) and Thoth (weRt). Going clockwise (which is the direction of creation) from the east, you will find the closest points to the dollar bill are those of Ishtar, Marduk, Bast and Nergal, and they are the energy transformer personalities whose combined energy will bring you financial abundance.

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