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By Martinus Rulandus

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Containing a whole and undeniable clarification of all vague phrases, airtight topics, and arcane words of Paracelsus." "I desire to come ahead with support, that they might not simply search extra diligently into the writings of the Hermetists, yet that they might comprehend them larger, and that during this way the divine paintings of Alchemy can be extra effectively taken in hand.

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AREA CAPITIS ADVERSI TODINARUM --- Shaft of a Mine. Mine where ore has been found. AREA ROTUNDA --- A sandy circle. ARE MAROS --- Cinnabar. ARENA --- Sand is the clear body of the stone. The Species of Sand are as follow: 1. Common sand. 2. A beautiful white sand dug up in deep gulleys to the west of Misena. 3. Pestgrana, also from Misena. 4. Thirsty or absorbing sand, which is washed and sifted, and has the character of German blottingpaper. 5. Table sand, or Block sand. Sand which has not been washed.

Burnt Vitriol. 30. Burnt Cyprian Copperas. 31. Recrement of Atrament, Salt, Nitre, and Alum after distillation. The dead body of Aqua Fortis. 32. Recrement of Atrament from which Sulphur of Radeberg is afterwards melted out. , Duenec, Malagislaca, Black Chalk, Brittle Pitch. , a sort of Flower of Copper. It is not however Kalkou Anthos, or true Flower of Copper, as we have before stated. Chalcanthus, or Vitriol, or Atramentum Sutorium, is one thing; the ancient Flower of Copper is another, and was obtained, among other ways, from the washings of copper ore, while Flower of Copper has in modern times been given as an alternative name of Verdigris, or Copper-Rust.

They are burnt like Chalchitis. , on the medical virtues, native places, and appearances of these kinds. Alumen. The round, scissile, and liquid species are of use in medicine. There is another kind, which is called Alumen Affar; or in Arabic Usnen; and in Latin, Sparrow's Dung, several varieties of which are enumerated by Serapion and Avicenna. Some call it Salt of Alkali, and indeed it is not alum, but a sort of salt. ASED --- is the Lion. ASEDENIGI --- Haematites. ASEGEN or AZOGEN --- Blood of the Dragon.

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