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Intuitions. 112. " This should not blind us to the fact that he thinks that there are con44Even here there are perplexities: compare 83-5, AI58-161/BI97-200, and 8232-3 on whether the conceptof change is "pure". "Note that thedistinction between the"transcendental" andthe"empirical" belongsto the understanding, indeedto "critique"(A571B81). 4

The terms for the represented characteristics in a -is hard, cold and easily handled-representing are 'hardness', 'coldness' and 'being easilyhandled'. These characteristics, as the contents "'ishard", I\is cold? and I\is easilyhandled" (as well as the content"'and"') are treated as part of the content of the representing, as part of what "exists in the representing". 98. " In what follows, this tripartite division occurs also in the case of intuitions. Intuitions, however, are an especiallytough morsel and I will not be able to chew throughit all at one bite.

Back to Transcendental Idealism: Appearances as Representables 56. We are now in a position to understand part of what Sellars takes Kant to be saying when he tells us that appearances are "representations" and "cannot exist 20Por a blunt statement of these points, see chapter 4 of KPT(especially section C). 18 Introduction outside our mind" (A491-2/B520). It is not a simple task to set out Sellars' full view on this matter, but we get a first approximation in this section. 57. Sellars thinks that the term 'Vorstellung' which is translated as 'representation' (or, in the newer translations, as 'presentation') is ambiguous.

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