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By Hugh Mcdevitt (Eds.)

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Ir Genes and Ia Antigens

summary: Ir Genes and Ia Antigens

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to express their gratitude to Miss L. Acquard for her excellent technical assistance. Supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health No. 1 ROI AI 13628-01. V. REFERENCES 1. , and Milgrom, F. ,* J. Immunol. 110, 1238 (1973). , J« Immunol. 117, 814 (1976). , J. Immunol. 113, 1170 (1974). , J. Immunol. 108, 223 (1972). , Immunogenetics 2, 21 (1975). Klein, J. , and Hammerberg, C , Transplantation (in press, 1977). , Nature (in press, 1977). , J. Exp.

A (5R) I KABJECSGD H 400 H 200 A kkddd ^Χ 200a. ü 1 £ 400- 1. HTT kk 2. ( B 1 0 X H T D F ! A(5R) kkddd 200 - A ' Λ' n 400^ kk L 1. ( B 1 0 X H T D F ! A(5R) 1. kkddd 400 - 2. S(7R) anti-BIO. HTT 2. kk 200 - vy L B 1 V iiw^y l V-l D ' i i 20 40 ' FRACTION Vlg . 1. HTT (B) . Sequential precipitation* were performed In reciprocal order In (C) and [V] . 5% SVSgel* undent deducing condition* (7). acrylamlde u*ed {on *erum The H-2 genotype* o{ the *traln* production and the H-2 region* potentially cell* are *hown.

C. Ostrem and Ms. J. Biggin for their skillful technical assistance and Ms. D. Doe for her fine secretarial assistance. This work was supported in part by NIH grant AI 07757 and by the MRC of Canada grant MA 5729. , Cold Spring Harbor Symp. on Quant. Biol. 41, in press. , Trans. Rev. 30, 299 (1976). , Trans. Rev. 30, 236 (1976). , Trans. Rev. 30, 197 (1976). , J. Exp. Med. 144, 699 (1976). , Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 47, 923 (1972) . , Immunogenetics 2, 39 (1975). TFR5 Donal B. Murphy, Patricia P.

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Ir Genes and Ia Antigens by Hugh Mcdevitt (Eds.)

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