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By Guozhong Liu

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Trans. via Christopher Foster, William N French

The Tsinghua collage bamboo-strip manuscripts are one of the such a lot awesome collections of historic texts came across in China up to now. In Introduction to the Tsinghua Bamboo-Strip Manuscripts, Liu Guozhong, one of many students in detail considering enhancing the Tsinghua strips, deals an easy evaluate to the complexities inherent in gaining knowledge of this assortment. Liu presents a useful glimpse into how those artifacts have been wiped clean, preserved, and ready for booklet, whereas additionally situating them inside a historical past of comparable unearths. He in addition explores intimately a couple of the most important questions raised by way of the Tsinghua strips, from the transmission of the Shangshu and the character of the oft-neglected Yi Zhoushu, to the results those texts have for our figuring out of early Western Zhou heritage.

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7 cm in width. The tops are rounded with edges 34 CHAPTER 3 blackened by ink and bear two string holes. Writing on the tags explains the contents of each case. Tomb M3 at Mawangdui yielded more than 600 strips, made from both wood and bamboo. Aside from 220 strips bearing medical texts, the rest are a record listing out burial goods. But these strips were not the only find in M3, as this tomb also yielded a great cache of extremely precious silk manuscripts with novel contents. The silk sheets were excavated from a lacquer box in the eastern tomb compartment, and contain more than ten thousand written characters.

When the strips were excavated, they were tied together by three binding cords, and evidence suggests that they were bound first and then written upon. The ten strips constitute a complete legal document. According to the research conducted by the editors of the cache, this document includes two edicts on bestowing royal staffs (wangzhang 王 杖) to those seventy years of age, which were promulgated between the reigns of Emperor Xuan and Emperor Cheng of the Western Han. The document also contains a listing of penalties for insulting elders who have received such a staff, in addition to a record bestowing this staff on the tomb occupant himself.

Following the Tarim River Basin in 1899, he reached northern Lopnor 羅布泊 and discovered the site of ancient Loulan 樓蘭. In 1901, Hedin uncovered 121 bamboo strips dating from the Han and Jin, as well as a great cache of wooden tablets written in Kharoṣṭhī and thirty-six sheets (zhang 張) of Han Chinese paper documents. In 1900, the Hungarian Aurel Stein was dispatched by the British government to explore Central Asia. The scope of his activity extended to Xinjiang and Gansu, as well as areas within India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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