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Suppose P has coordinates xa and some neighbouring point Q has coordinates xa + δxa . We seek some kind of bijection from TP (M) to TQ (M), so that we can call corresponding vectors parallel. We demand that the correspondence be linear and reduce to the identity when Q approaches P. 5 Geodesic Principle 39 Let λ a + δ∗ λ a be the vector at Q which is parallel to λ a at P. Then there exists dependent on P and Q, but not on λ a , such that Yba , λ a + δ∗ λ a = Yba λ b . To first order in δxa , we would like to obtain Yba = δab − Γbca δxc , noting that Γbca depends only on P, and δxc depends on both P and Q.

77) where Gµν is the Einstein tensor, Rµν the Ricci tensor, g the modulus of the determinant of the covariant metric components g µν , and T µν the energy–momentum tensor for the matter and energy distribution in the spacetime. Our aim will of course be to see whether this analysis throws any light on the SHGF. 62) on p. 25. This invariance is basically due to the fact that, unlike the metric tensor, the Riemann tensor is already first order in small quantities. DeWitt remarks that the physical significance of this invariance is that the presence or absence of a real gravitational field is characterised by the presence or absence of a nonzero Riemann tensor.

63) by choosing ξ µ as a solution of the wave equation with a source: ✷2 ξ µ := ξ µ , ν ν = l µν ,ν . 63) does not fix the coordinate system completely, because it is still possible to carry out rotations, low-velocity Lorentz boosts, and 26 2 From Minkowski Spacetime to General Relativity coordinate transformations satisfying the homogeneous wave equation ✷2 ξ µ = 0 . 68) For gravitational sources with low velocities and when there is no gravitational radiation around, one can impose another condition on the above quasi-canonical coordinate systems.

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