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By Ray Duncan

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A convenient and compact advisor to the ROM BIOS prone of IBM computing device, PC/AT, and PS/2 machines that's ideal for each assembly-language C programmer at any point of expertise

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For font selection in text (alphanumeric) modes, see Int 10H Function 11H Subfunctions 00H-14H. 35 • If this subfunction is called at any time other than immediately after a mode set, the results are unp~edictable. • When this subfunction is called on the MeGA, Subfunction 24H is substituted. lot 10H Fun~tioo I1H [EGA] [MeGA] [VGA] Subfuoction 23H Set lot 43H for ROM 8-by-8 Font Sets the vector for Int 43H to point to the ROM BIOS default 8-by-8 font and updates the video ROM BIOS data area. The video controller is not reprogrammed.

The requesting program should reset the floppy disk system (Int 13H Function OOH) and retry the operation three times before assuming that a readable floppy disk is not present. 57 Int 13H Function 05H Format Track [PC] [AT] [PS/2] Initializes disk sector and track address fields on the specified track. Call with: AH AL eH DH DL ES:BX =05H = interleave (PC/XT fixed disks) =cylinder = head = drive 00H-7FH floppy disk 80H-FFH fixed disk =segment:offset of address field list (except PC/XT fixed disk, see Notes) Returns: Iffunction successful Carry flag = clear AH =OOH Iffunction unsuccessful Carry flag = set AH =status (see Int 13H Function 01H) Notes: • On floppy disks, the address field list consists of a series of 4-byte entries, one entry per sector, in the following format: Byte Contents o cylinder head sector sector-size code OOH if 128 bytes per sector if256 bytes per sector 01H if512 bytes per sector (standard) 02H 03H if 1024 bytes per sector 1 2 3 • On floppy disks, the number of sectors per track is taken from the BIOS floppy disk parameter table whose address is stored in the vector for Int IEH.

Int 13H Function 07H Format Drive [PC] Formats the entire drive, writing disk address fields and data sectors, starting at the specified cylinder. Call with: AH AL CH DL =07H = interleave = cylinder = drive 80H-FFH fixed disk Returns: Iffunction successful Carry flag = clear =OOH AH Iffunction unsuccessful Carry flag = set AH = status (see Int 13H Function OtH) Notes: • This function is defined for PC/XT fixed disk drives only. • For additional information, see Notes for Int 13H Function 05H. Int 13H Function 08H Get Drive Parameters [PC] [AT] [PS/2] Returns various parameters for the specified drive.

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