Ron Cowdery, Keith Selby's How to Study Television PDF

By Ron Cowdery, Keith Selby

ISBN-10: 0333569652

ISBN-13: 9780333569658

ISBN-10: 1349128295

ISBN-13: 9781349128297

We will all say even if we love this or that television programme, yet how will you set approximately analysing it and formulating an educated serious reaction to it? what kind of issues do you want to grasp? how are you going to speak about useful issues like lighting fixtures, digicam paintings and modifying, with your insights into type, gender and politics? This useful ebook will let you know how. There are chapters on all the significant kinds of television output, in addition to suggestion on learning, getting ready and providing a venture, feedback to assist scholars extend their studying and data of the topic, a close word list of technical phrases and words and a quick, valuable index.

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And these responsibilities will themselves be m edi ated by th e particul ar age ncy within which th ey o pe rate. Our point her e is that th e rel ation ship betw een th e medi a text a nd th e va rio us a gen cies feeding in to its final reali sation is both an extremely co m plex on e, and on e th at is specific to th e pa rticul ar media technology being em ployed . This mean s that th ere is a reason wh y a medi a text looks th e way it do es. For exa mple, if th e Creative Dep artment of th e Royal M a il's adver tising ag ency had suggested an im age for th e 'Melt her to th e Coeur' ad vertiseme n t which featured the yo ung woman nude, smo king a ciga re tte and riding a H arl ey Da vid son one -hande d ove r th e sa me bridge whil e reading the letter using her free hand , th en th e id ea would not ha ve gone throu gh to p rod uctio n.

Because of this diffi cult y in classifying a nd gro uping med ia out p ut , we sugges t th a t yo u foll ow the series of po ints listed below , in orde r to direct your thi nki ng in a purposeful way. These point s are cert a inly not exha ustive, but th ey d o ha ve the advantag e of being su ffi cien tly flexibl e to a llo w yo u to talk abo u t nearly all form s of m ed ia text. 1 Id entify and comment upon the medium Before yo u go on to a nalyse any adve rtiseme n t or other medi a text it is im po rtan t to co nsid er, first, th e medium in which it occurs.

Depending on the advertisement, its central theme could be the kind that we mentioned above - masculinity, the family, femininity, success, romance and so on. Each of these issues plays an important part both in contemporary society and in our own lives and it is only to be expected that advertisers will direct attention to such issues when planning advertising campaigns - just as the director of a film will be aware of similar ideas when constructing a full-length feature. All you have to do, therefore, in order to move from the level of explicit meanings to the level of implied meanings is to relate the advertisement or media text to dominant values and beliefs within society - beliefs about the roles of men and women, about family life, about work and leisure, about success and status and so on.

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