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By Tim Rustige

Domestic defense initiatives for Arduino. the best way to connect PIR movement sensors & Magnetic Door sensors for your workstation utilizing an Arduino board. the best way to make Arduinos converse wirelessly utilizing NRF24L01+ radio modules. Make instant sensors for PIR, Magnetic Door & mild sensors. connect your 2d Arduino to a Raspberry Pi and take a photograph in your Pi & e mail it in your mobilephone, while the distant instant Arduino sensor is caused. desk of Contents advent Connecting a PIR module to the Arduino Setup the Arduino software program Setup Python in your workstation Python on home windows computers developing a spare Gmail account Python script with e-mail functionality how you can seize a picture from a webcam in Python catch a photograph & e mail it as an attachment attach a magnetic door sensor to the Arduino Setup the Arduino software program for door sensor Setup Python with door sensor in your computer Python door sensor instance on home windows computers Python door alarm script with electronic mail functionality how one can seize a picture from a webcam in Python catch a photograph & e-mail it as an attachment half 2 – Going instant the way to attach the NRF24L01+ to Arduino Cabling diagram for Arduino Uno R3 instant PIR Cabling diagram for an Arduino Nano instant PIR fitting ManiacBug’s RF24 library for Arduino add PIR transmitter code to the Arduino add receiver code to a 2d Arduino constructing a spare Gmail account Python script with e mail functionality to run in your computer Arduino Uno R3 instant magnetic door sensor Arduino Nano with instant magnetic door sensor add transmitter code to the Arduino for magdoor Python code for instant magnetic door sensor Python code for instant PIR & door sensor to electronic mail attach a LDR mild sensor to the Arduino Arduino analog enter pins Make a instant Arduino LDR gentle sensor comic strip code for instant Arduino LDR gentle sensor Python code for instant Arduino LDR gentle sensor Make a standalone battery powered beeping receiver Arduino & NRF24L01 receiver moveable beeper comic strip developing Arduino IDE software program on a Raspberry Pi utilizing the Python scripts on a Raspberry Pi Python script to seize from Pi digicam module anything Else

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All we need to do is only use the 1st digit of the 4 digit message, which in this example will be 5. So look at the Python code examples that run on your PC, and any line that looks like elif code == "5555": Can be changed to elif code[O] == "5": Here's a full example. You still need to modify the items in red text. The lines in green have been modified. com. sleep( 1) Useful links: https://arduino-info.

BeginO; radio. charAt(i); radio. /terminate message is a 9 msg[O] = 9; radio. powerDownO; delay(2000); ods = ds', } else { ods = ds; } } If the door is opened the transmitter node sends a 5555 code over the NRF24L01 + link, and when the door is closed again the transmitter sends a 6666 code. The variables ds (door state) and ods (old door state) keep track of whether the magnetic door sensor reads 0 or 1, and if that state has just changed. On the Arduino receiver side, we can use the same sketch we used for the PIR receiver (as we're still just receiving 4 digit codes).

Don't use Python 3). 3 installed to run these scripts, the defau lt on my Pi. zip See a list of them with Is -al Show the USB serial ports in your Pi with 'Is -I /dev/ttyUSB* lets assume your Arduino is on /dev/ttyUSBO. py Save the file (CTRl-C) & exit (CTRl-X) nano. py & wi relessldr. py If you notice the time on the Raspberry Pi is incorrect, change it with sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Python script to capture from Pi Camera module. py. Make sure you change the email addresses highlighted in red.

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