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Constantine's library burned in 475 and was reestablished, but its subsequent fate is very uncertain. At the time of the capture of Constantinople in 1204 it was damaged considerably, but there was still an imperial library in existence when the Turks captured the city in 1453; many of the books were burned at that time or carried away and sold. , monasteries , which continued to be strongholds of Greek learning throughout the Middle Ages. The m~t famous of all these was the Studiurr. monastery in Byzantium, where the abbot Theodore in the 9th century compiled rules for the conduct of copying rooms and libraries; but there were also some 20 famous monasteries located in the mountains of the small peninsula Athos by the Aegean Sea, which had their flourishing period in the 1 0-15th· centuries.

The pictures in it show Byzantine influence, but the beautifully rounded curves of the figures and their dress are typically French. Manuscripts and Monastery Libraries in Scandinavia Alphabetical writing came to Scandinavia, as well as to the other countries north of the Alps~ with the introduction of Christianity. Ansgars the Apostle of the North, taught his disciples to read and probably also to write, and as the church became more and more firmly established the art of book production followed along with it.

LOa.. century. s )~. • The Middl·e Ages . · . :Wl; l-J o r c u ,_ n efti f' f I! }6JJi • ~;&t. ll'J m~w rf) --~ .. ; 1 CIJ. ). peculiar abbreviations of their ovm . x·e d and uniform. Considerabl~e practice was required to master tJhis, system, and regular lexicons were· compiled of the abb:reviatures and their m·eaning. e. s (bishop), etc . ter . 3 • eius (his}~, rf ·= et (and), p ·=· pro (for),. -1' • per (through)~ etc. gle ]etter above the first part of the word, as ~ = ergo, ~- = mihi:~< etc .

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