Arthur Edward Waite's Hermetic Museum PDF

By Arthur Edward Waite

ISBN-10: 087728928X

ISBN-13: 9780877289289

This paintings represents a particular institution of alchemy -- it belonged to a interval that had inherited a sour event of the mess ups, impostures, and distress surrounding the "Magnum Opus" and its mystical quest. The treatises contained during this quantity are by means of the authors of ancient legend: John de Mehung, Nicholas Flamel, Basil Valentine, Eirenaeus Philalethes, Helvetius, Michael Maier, Michael Sendivogius, Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas, and Basilius Valentinus. Illustrated.

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It shadows forth, in a wonderful manner, how man is the image of the most Holy Trinity, the essence of the Holy Trinity, and the Oneness of Substances in that Trinity, as well as the difference of Persons; the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, His Nativity, Passion, Death, and Resurrection; His Exaltation and the Eternal Happiness won by Him for us men; also our purification from original sin, in the absence of which purification all good actions of men would be vain and void - and, in brief, all the articles of the Christian faith, and the reason why man must pass through much tribulation and anguish, and fall a prey to death, before he can rise again to a new life.

Moreover, they did not wish the pearls to be cast before swine. For they knew that if it were made known to the wicked world, men would greedily desire nothing but this one thing, neglect all labour, and give themselves up to a dissolute and degraded life. But although the said philosophers have treated this subject with so great a variety of method, and used many peculiar and singular expressions, curious parables, and strange and fanciful words, yet they all agree in pointing out the same goal, and one and the same Matter as essential to the right conduct of the Art.

But there was no one to be seen working at those garments; yet one after another was got ready, insomuch that I greatly marvelled, because I knew that none but the bride and the bridegroom had entered the chamber. My wonder increased when I observed that as each dress was finished, those that had been there before straightway vanished, though I could see no one put them away. Now when that most precious scarlet garment had been finished, the great and mighty King appeared in great splendour and indescribable magnificence, and when he saw that he was shut in, he besought me, in the most persuasive accents, to open the door, as it would be to my advantage to let him out of the chamber.

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