V. Locatelli, S. G. Cella, D. Cocchi, V. Gennaro De Colonna,'s Growth Hormone and Somatomedins during Lifespan PDF

By V. Locatelli, S. G. Cella, D. Cocchi, V. Gennaro De Colonna, E. Giavini, M. Parenti (auth.), Eugenio E. Müller, Daniela Cocchi, Vittorio Locatelli (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642782175

ISBN-13: 9783642782176

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ISBN-13: 9783642782190

The quite a few congresses on development hormone (GH) that have been held in Milan considering the fact that 1967, the Milan Congresses, have witnessed over 25 years the large enlargement of a study box that was once established first and foremost upon the scarce wisdom of the organic houses of a protein. GH, whose chemical constitution had simply been pointed out and a radioimmunoassay constructed for its dimension in blood, turned within the following years an important zone of organic learn. the bounds have when you consider that turn into blurred, because the examine zone has prolonged to the body structure and pathology of progress, puberty and copy, and the regulate of metabolism in the course of the complete lifespan. because the final GH Congress held in 1987, GH reviews utilizing the molecular organic technique have led to the puri­ fication, cloning and expression of the human GH (hGH) recep­ tor and binding protein, in new and fascinating details at the insulin-like progress elements (IGF) and their paracrine and autocrine roles, and within the know-how panoply of binding proteins are found in the extracellular fluids and will, probably, modulate IGF-receptor interactions and, therefore, IGF activities. eventually, the supply of enormous quantities of biosynthetic hGH, along with permit­ ing extra large medical use in states of GH deficiency and extrasomatotrophic pathologies, has approved disclosure of im­ portant metabolic results of hGH in the course of maturity and, possibly, getting older and in lots of protein catabolic states.

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Despite this, the report of Hynes et al. (1987) that intracerebroventricular administration of GH in the rat results in induction of IGF I mRNA in the brain motivated us to undertake a GH receptor localization study in rat and rabbit brain. We found GH receptor immunoreactivity to be widespread (Table 3), and contrary to the liver and muscle, receptor immunoreactivity declined with postnatal age (Lobie et al. 1989). This observation was confirmed by measurement of receptor mRNA, which showed a decreased to adult levels by 25 days post partum, and by in situ hybridization with 35S riboprobes in the rabbit brain (Lobie et al.

This is Biochemistry and Cellular Distribution of the Growth Hormone Receptor 31 Fig. 4. Receptor interactive residues of GH (A) and prolactin (B) Size of black dot proportional to energetic importance in interaction with receptor. (From Cunningham and Wells 1991) unnecessary for the ovine hormone, which is already nett electroneutral for this interaction (Barnard et al. 1989). HI 8 \8 Ca2 + human GH 8-R HI 8 \Ef) 8-R ovine GH If our proposal is correct, converting Arg-33 of non-primate GH to a glutamate should confer Ca2 + dependence of binding.

E. MUSCAT, S. BASTIRAS, A. ROBBINS, C. G. YOUNG, and R. BARNARD Growth hormone (GH) is the major hormone regulating postnatal growth and an important regulator of metabolism. Because these actions are the result of interactions of GH with its receptor, not surprisingly the receptor has been the focus of much attention. When we reported the cloning of the human and rabbit GH receptors (Leung et al. 1987), the GH receptor was structurally unique, and its sequence gave no mechanistic clues. Subsequently, when Boutin et at.

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Growth Hormone and Somatomedins during Lifespan by V. Locatelli, S. G. Cella, D. Cocchi, V. Gennaro De Colonna, E. Giavini, M. Parenti (auth.), Eugenio E. Müller, Daniela Cocchi, Vittorio Locatelli (eds.)

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