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God, the simplest, and Evil is an unique therapy of a few longstanding difficulties approximately God and his activities in the direction of people. First, Bruce Langtry explores a few implications of divine omnipotence, omniscience, and excellent goodness for God's windfall. particularly, he investigates even if God is in a few experience a maximizer. moment, he assesses the energy of objections to the life of God which are in accordance with the obvious proven fact that God can have created a greater global than this one. ultimately, he assesses the energy of objections to the lifestyles of God that target the matter of evil. To create a (possible) global is to strongly or weakly actualize it. a global is key if God can create it, and he can't create a global greater than it. This book's conclusions contain the subsequent:
·(1) If there's a minimum of one top international, then if God does create a few global he'll create a chief global.
·(2) If there aren't any leading worlds, then it doesn't stick to that God doesn't exist. as an alternative, what follows is if God creates an international he'll create person who is nice sufficient, although he may well create an international that's larger.
·(3) This end doesn't provide upward push to a superb objection to theism, according to the plain incontrovertible fact that the particular international is improvable and but it isn't more than enough.
·(4) no matter if there's a top global, or numerous equal-best worlds, God can't create any of them.
·(5) an outstanding partial theodicy for evil could be supplied, beautiful to items certain up with human unfastened will, ethical accountability, and the jobs of people' personal own qualities in shaping their very own and different people's lives. The partial theodicy is impartial among Theological Compatibilism and libertarianism.
·(6) the matter of evil doesn't supply a really robust objection to the life of God.

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While they believe that God brought into existence the universe and its parts, they believe that God is not in the process of creating the actual world. Nevertheless they typically claim that their position is logically compatible with God's being omnipotent. William Hasker says: According to the open view of God, God is strictly omnipotent, in the sense that he is able to do everything which is logically possible and consistent with God's morally perfect nature. e. Theological Determinism]. 30 There is a tangle here that needs to be unravelled.

Hasker holds that God's knowing everything that logically can be known is compatible with his not knowing that such-and-such people will perform such-and-such free actions because it is logically impossible that God has foreknowledge of any free action. But the assumptions (1) It is logically impossible that both John Howard will freely eat exactly one apple on 1 January 2015 and God now infallibly foreknows that Howard will do so. and (2) As a matter of contingent fact, John Howard will eat exactly one apple on 1 January 2015 and will freely do so.

Rather, what Leibniz has in mind are monstrosities and other disorders in nature such as earthquakes and floods, even ones which preceded the arrival of human beings in the relevant regions of the universe. 40 Many people would regard Leibniz's concept of evil as too broad: earthquakes and floods which have no adverse effects on human beings or their interests should not count as evil. Other people would regard Leibniz's account as too narrow: they might say, for example, that the destruction of a great work of art is evil even though it causes no suffering, sorrow, or misery, involves no sin, and does not constitute a disorder in nature.

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