Get Ha-Shemot - Divorce of the Names by Abraham Abulafia, Talib Din, Sharon Shatil PDF

By Abraham Abulafia, Talib Din, Sharon Shatil

ISBN-10: 1897352034

ISBN-13: 9781897352038

Get Ha-Shemot is Abulafia's try to describe the overall ideology and cosmology that underlie the elemental precept of Kabbalah - that names and letters are the basic, energetic, and artistic parts of truth. He intended it normally of thumb for the masters of the names to understand the reality in the back of the names they use, simply because no identify can accurately be used with out such wisdom. during this paintings, which used to be written from the beginning for common distribution, Abulafia outlines the cosmic level on which his complete Kabbalah is determined, and explains its common function - the perfection of the brain in terms of the mind. This makes Get Ha-Shemot an integral creation to his whole Kabbalah. Abulafia explains that Kabbalah is the a part of Torah that needs to stay hid from the general public, and purely obtained by way of note of mouth from a beneficial instructor to a useful scholar. although, to set a few directions concerning the type of Kabbalah, Abulafia offers us right here with what he is taking to be the 1st and basic ideas of all of Kabbalah. This masterpiece of Kabbalah is a truly lucid and real creation to Kabbalah either for newcomers and complex scholars.

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Lndeed, knowing the secret of creation you will know the very essenceof MaaseBereshit(ntUNlf illlryD, Act of Genesis),even though what we are talking about is none other than MaaseMerkaya(itl)lD illD)D, the Act of Merkaval. And study what Chazal has instructed us about the words MaaseMerkava and MaaseBereshit And Maase Merkava and MaaseBereshit are allegorically like male and female. lN), indicatesthat they are a Tzeirufof Chayot Ha-Kodesh, for this name is derived from the singular Ophan (191R,wheel), exceptthat they are many, and it is also derived from the Tzeirufof the intemality (nDttrt0il).

For the excellenceof His name will not be evidentto the massesexceptthrough that. Rather,he shall believethat this can be done by anyone who knows his way about the power of the name. And if he pub his mind to it (Yechaven,111)t, [could also mean perform lhbbalistic Kavanot - nlll)), mysticalintentionsl)he will know the huth about it and will rise from the level of belief to the level of knowledgeof it. I cannot but indicate it to you a little, as is necessaryat this place. For the physicalis the outwardly perceived, the imaginary is the inwardly perceived,and the intellectualis intemalto the inward, and so it is also the secret of the intemal inside the intemal.

However, if his intention is to conect the words of another, if they contain enors or somethingwent unnoticedby the author becauseof the shortcomingsof his intellectin the issueshe was writing about, and all his intent is Leshem Shamaim (Ettl'll, DU), tit. for the sake of heaven, an expressionmeaning 'to do what is right'), to remove error, and draw closer to the huth, and he demonshatesthat mysteryin his work, this is the way of respectamong the Maskilim. And I claim that this is a great Mbva to do, to save others from failing where he failed.

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