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The ancient (Jewish) Jesus and the legendary (Egyptian) Christ; Paul as a Gnostic Opponent, no longer the Apostle of ancient Christianity; The Logia of the Lord; or the Pre-Christian Sayings ascribed to Jesus the Christ; Gnostic and ancient Christianity; The Hebrew and different Creations essentially defined; The satan of Darkness; or Evil within the gentle of Evolution; Luniolatry; old and sleek; guy looking for his Soul, in the course of Fifty Thousand Years, and the way he stumbled on it; The Seven Souls of guy, and their end result within the Christ; and the arrival faith.

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And if Paul ever did call himself an abortion (the true rendering of the sense), we may be sure that he did not apply such a figure of that which is premature to the lateness of his birth as an apostle. It cannot be made to apply. The Gnostics tell us what he did mean. They alone could understand the allusion, which carries the Christ of the Gnosis with it. The Christ appears to Paul, as to an abortion, just as did Horus the Christ to Sophia (or Achamoth), when she forlornly lay outside of the pleroma as an amorphous abortion, and the Christ came and extended himself cross-wise and gave her flowing substance form!

But to comprehend him we must have some knowledge of the Messianic mystery, which had an origin in phenomena that are both natural and explicable. When one has worked at the subject for years, it can be explained in a few hours. The root of the Messiah's name is Mesi in Egyptian. One meaning, like that of the Christ in Greek and Messiach in Hebrew, is to anoint. But the fundamental signification is re-birth. The month, Mes-ore, was so named from the re-birth of the Inundation. The mam-mesi was the re-birth-place of the man or mummy.

3), and therefore not through the facts of an external history, or human pedigree. The Christ of the Gnosis was not connected with place any more than personality, or line of human descent. His only birthplace was in the mind of man. Consequently, in his gospel, Marcion, who was a Gnostic Christian, does not connect his Christ with Nazareth. His Christ is not Jesus of Nazareth. And this note of the Gnosis is apparent in the writings of Paul. His Christ is nowhere called Jesus of Nazareth, nor is he born at Bethlehem, either of the Virgin Mary, or of Mary the wife of Cleopas, who was not the Virgin.

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