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A given cell m a y be "fixed" b y t h e biologist for the purposes of observation; if it had not been stopped in its tracks, it would almost certainly have been something else soon thereafter. The study of t h e temporal sequence of biochemical events and their relation to cellular activity is in its infancy; as a n example one might point to the dearth of biochemical information concerning the mechanism of cellular division, although this subject is beginning to be explored more actively. I n most instances, however, t h e existing analyses of cell structure are undefined with respect to the life history of t h e specific cell being studied; most commonly, various structures will have been isolated from a heterogeneous cell population of which like members will have been in different 1 stages of their division cycle.

Whether such fibrils are truly characteristic of chromosomal material alone and, indeed, reflect the presence and organization of the genetic material in such nuclei will require far more study. "Heterochromatin" has been denned b y some workers as chromosomal regions t h a t remain condensed and darkly staining throughout interphase. The existence of such chromocenters in interphase nuclei are then presumably markers of the existence of chromosomes bearing these differentiated regions. Eis (1957) has observed t h a t sections through heterochromatin in isolated lampbrush chromosomes and the chromocenters of interphase nuclei reveal the same fibrillar structures t h a t m a y be seen in the sections of the bulk of the chromosomes, the euchromatin.

The Visualization of Intranuclear Constituents I n the last 15 years, the cytologist concerned with the relationship of visible structure to cell function has produced a revolution in cytological technique. Abandoning a purely descriptive methodology, he has turned to the chemist and physicist for collaborative assistance in developing quantitative d a t a for t h e characterization of cell structure. The ordinary light microscope m a y resolve structures down to 1000 to 2000 Â; phase microscopy and ultraviolet microscopy have pushed this limit to about STRUCTURAL A N D CHEMICAL ARCHITECTURE OF HOST CELLS 33 200 Â.

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