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0 × 1026. 50. 02 × 1017 m3. 4 × 105 m3 . This is equivalent to roughly 8 × 102 kilometers. 51. 3 × 106 mg/week. Figuring 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, 3600 second per hour, we find 604800 seconds are equivalent to one week. 8 mg/s. 52. 6) = 21316 kg. S. 238 liters. 00165 in the indicated metric units. 0094 in the indicated metric units. 53. 05g = 12. m. H 019 . 19 ≈ 24 rises then under normal circumstances we would expect N − 1 = 23 runs (horizontal pieces) in that staircase. 15 m, which - to two significant figures - agrees with our first result.

26 L. © 16 standard bottles ¹ 46. S). The expected number is therefore in the range from 1317 to 1927 Atlantic oysters. Instead, the number received is in the range from 406 to 609 Pacific oysters. This represents a shortage in the range of roughly 700 to 1500 oysters (the answer to the problem). Note that the minimum value in our answer corresponds to the minimum Atlantic minus the maximum Pacific, and the maximum value corresponds to the maximum Atlantic minus the minimum Pacific. 47. 50 × 108 km 60 s = 1 min .

05. The slope of the dashed line represents the average velocity (in both graphs). The second graph also consists of two (solid) line segments, having the same slopes as before — the main difference (compared to the first graph) being that the stage involving higher-speed motion lasts much longer.

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