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If the signature of a smoke plume is identified, an alarm is emitted. Precise position of the smoke plume is derived from the current azimuth/elevation angles of the laser beam (provided by the scanning system) and the distance to the target (calculated from the detection time). Being an active detection technique, lidar presents better sensitivity than conventional fire surveillance methods based on visible or infrared imaging. Instead of visualizing the fire, lidar functions by interacting with smoke, without needing line-ofsight observation of the flames.

To obtain correct temperature and humidity profiles in the absence of LST values, the condition of approximate equality TS,21 ≈ TS,31 ≈ TS,32 is to be satisfied. G. V. V. Belov Stage 4. If TS,31 ≠ TS,32, then one of the reasons for this are errors in profiles of the meteorological parameters. In this case, the simplest compensation of these errors is conducted through calculating corrections of the form ΔTS = CERR(TS,32 – TS,31) and of a new value of TS,31 = TS,31 – ΔTS. Stage 5. In the case of influence of cirrus and semitransparent clouds, the retrieved LST values are corrected: TS,21 = TS,21 + ΔT21,CLD, and TS,31 = TS,31 + ΔT31,CLD, where the “cloud” corrections are determined via Look-Up-Table of the influence of cloud characteristics on LST retrieval results and the mutual analysis of MOD35, MOD06, and MOD05 data.

Opt. Atm. 1: 76-80 (1988). Zuev, V. , Belov, V. , and Veretennikov, V. V. Systems with Applications in Scattering Media. Publishing House of the SB RAS, Tomsk. 1997. 2 during LKI. Proc. SRA “Planeta” No. 42: 33-37. 1993. , Image transfer through the atmosphere. Atmos. 449-462 (1997). , Thematic processing and atmospheric correction of satellite images. Atmos. 12: 991-997. 1999. 2 Nov. 10. P. 77. 1998. H. , Comparison of three AVHRR-based fire detection algorithms for interior Alaska. Environ. 72: 1-16.

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