New PDF release: Financing the 1996 Election

By John Clifford Green

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36 37 Note: Columns may not add to 100 percent due to rounding. donors were strong supporters of national health insurance, increased spending on environmental protection, and decreased funding for defense. They were also opposed to tax cuts, restricting abortion, and school vouchers. Nevertheless, they agreed with many Republican donors in supporting free trade and opposing stricter regulation of pornography. Interestingly, the Clinton donors were the least likely to favor cutting government aid to business.

Interestingly, the Clinton donors were the least likely to favor cutting government aid to business. 4 The Republican donors favored tax cuts and school vouchers and were against national health insurance. Dole's broad and diverse coalition hewed close to the center of the GOP donor pool, exhibiting few distinctive policy positions. For example, Dole donors opposed national health insurance and supported tax cuts, but were divided on abortion and trade. His rivals' donors revealed the deep divisions in the GOP.

10). We first divided the candidates by party (Republicans and Democrats) and then by status (incumbents and nonincumbents). 10 The Demography of Congressional Donors in 1996 (in percentages) Republicans Democrats Incumbent Non- Incumbent Incumbent Non- Incumbent conservative incumbent moderates moderates incumbent liberal Less than $100,000 8 13 8 17 15 16 More than $250,000 62 59 62 54 52 57 Income 42 43 Education Less than college 18 14 14 12 11 9 Postgraduate 29 37 44 48 55 56 Less than 50 years 25 30 22 23 29 19 Greater than 65 years 42 29 37 39 36 36 Male 92 86 90 76 75 72 White 97 94 97 96 97 96 Evangelical 12 14 9 5 5 2 Mainline 47 39 44 25 31 23 Catholic 28 21 32 18 18 24 Jews 6 8 13 22 17 27 Secular 3 5 3 22 19 16 Age Religion  < previous page < previous page page_144 page_145 next page > next page > Page 145 nally, we differentiated the incumbents by ideology, defining ''moderates" in both parties and "conservatives" for the Republicans and "liberals" for the Democrats.

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