Stanley Krippner's Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them PDF

By Stanley Krippner

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Discusses many of the different types of notable desires and gives feedback to readers for examining and appreciating their very own amazing desires.

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On the average, lucid dreams were three times more likely while sleeping on the right side of the body than on the left, in a study reported by Lynne Levitan. 33 As is the case with other dreams, we can gain insights from the power of the lucid dream experience and the resulting symbols and metaphors. The following dream is an example of how a lucid dream can assist in self-awareness and insights. Steve’s Dream Steve, one of our students, went camping by himself on Mount Shasta in California to meditate and enjoy the wilderness.

As she entered college, she continued to tap into her dreams for answers whenever she became challenged in her undergraduate courses, especially organic chemistry. In one dream: I am at my study desk and I open my calculus textbook. I am normally nervous when I try to do my homework problems, but this time I am confident. I know deep down inside that I am a mathematical genius and so I turn the page to problem #13. This problem is the most difficult in the set. Within seconds, I write down two pages of algebraic notations.

There is a quality of unboundedness to them. ”21 Another of Bogzaran’s studies, “Images of the Lucid Mind,” suggests that when one moves from ordinary lucid dreaming to a multidimensional dream, images slowly transform into more abstract patterns such as light lines or energy lines, spheres, dots, and circles. In this state of consciousness that she calls “hyperspace lucidity” lucid dreamers often experience the transformation of their dream bodies into particles of light, or the dream body slowly or suddenly disappears but awareness continues.

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