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The kidneys get these poisons out of blood and dispose of them in urine. What kinds of poisons can be in the bloodstream? Some are manmade chemicals that have been swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Poisons work their way into the bloodstream, and can harm cells they reach. Examples are chemical cleaners, pesticides (poisons used to kill insects), and toxic metals. Kidneys take these out as best they can. Kidneys are not able to remove all poisons from the body. Sometimes some substances collect inside of certain types of body cells, such as fat cells, and are no longer traveling in the bloodstream where the kidneys can remove them.

P R E VE N T ING IN FE C TION Almost everybody will have, at one time or another, a urinary tract infection, or UTI. They are the most common urinary tract problem. Millions of people, especially females, get an infection each year. Fortunately, there are easy steps a person can take to prevent them. The main point behind these steps is to keep good personal hygiene, which means to keep your body clean. Tips to prevent UTIS include • When you bathe, be sure you wash between your legs. Do so gently, with a little soap.

That means blood flows through the kidneys a lot during exercise. Because the kidneys filter waste out of the blood, the kidneys cleanse blood best when they get plenty of it. Additionally, exercise gets everything in the body moving. It helps move toxic substances out of hiding places between cells or even inside them. The toxins are then whisked away through the bloodstream to the kidneys, where the toxins are removed. So, exercise revs up the excretory system’s blood-cleansing process. Exercising can take many forms, from cycling to running or even walking a dog.

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