New PDF release: Esoteric Astrology: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. 3

By Alice A. Bailey

ISBN-10: 0853300208

ISBN-13: 9780853300205

Astrology is defined during this publication as "the technology of relationships"--the dating latest among all dwelling organisms in the universe. not just the traits of the ray energies have an effect on those centres of awareness, but in addition the standard and effort of the ruling planets and the zodiacal indicators. obvious from the exoteric outdoors, astrology is an enormous and so much concerned and complicated topic. From the esoteric within, whereas it really is nonetheless monstrous, all-inclusive and intricate. it's also attainable to understand the thread which unites and the development which prevails through the entire procedure. A easy simplicity within the grand layout emerges, for that reason, that could serve to interpret the complete. The appendix summarises and tabulates many elements of basic significance to the learn of esoteric astrology.

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He refuses to become a Christ, a Savior and remains self-centered. We have dealt with the first three Hierarchies which are regarded as ever "seeing the Face of the Ruler of the Deep," or as being so pure and holy that Their forces are in realized contact with Their emanating source. We now take up for brief consideration two Hierarchies which closely concern ourselves, the human self-conscious entities. These two groups are literally three, as the fifth Hierarchy is a dual one, and it is this which has led to some confusion and is the occult significance behind the ill-omened number thirteen.

Two horns of the Bull in Taurus. figures of the Twins in Gemini (two lines). two claws of the Crab in Cancer. two scales of the Balance in Libra. two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius. two Fishes in Pisces. These seven constellations are, therefore, closely related to six of the seven sacred planets and to one non-sacred planet. There are two signs which are simple figures and have no significance of duality. They are 8. The symbol for Leo, which is simply the Lion's tail. 9. The arrow in the symbol depicting Sagittarius.

Virgo Mercury 4th Gemini Same ruler 7. Libra Venus 5th Taurus Same ruler 8. Scorpio Mars 6th Aries Same ruler 9. Sagittarius Jupiter 2nd Pisces Same ruler 10. Capricorn Saturn 3rd none 11. Aquarius Uranus 7th none 12. Pisces Jupiter 2nd Sagittarius Same ruler a. The non-sacred planets are italicised. b. All the rays are represented except the first. This is interesting, as the mass of the people move within their horoscopes and the will aspect is latent but unexpressed. To Netnews Homepage Previous Last updated Monday, July 6, 1998 Next Index Table of Contents © 1998 Netnews Association.

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