Download e-book for iPad: Enhanced Biodegradation of Pesticides in the Environment by Kenneth D. Racke, Joel R. Coats

By Kenneth D. Racke, Joel R. Coats

ISBN-10: 0841212821

ISBN-13: 9780841212824

ISBN-10: 084121784X

ISBN-13: 9780841217843

content material: insecticides within the soil microbial environment / Kenneth D. Racke --
results of long term phenoxyalkanoic acid herbicide box purposes at the price of microbial degradation / Allan E. Smith and man P. Lafond --
more advantageous carbamothioate herbicide degradation : learn in Nebraska / Fred W. Roeth, Robert G. Wilson, Alex R. Martin, and Patrick J. Shea --
more suitable biodegradation of carbamothioate herbicides in South Carolina / Horace D. Skipper --
more desirable biodegradation of dicarboximide fungicides in soil / Allan Walker and Sarah J. Welch --
superior biodegradation of pesticides in Midwestern corn soils / Kenneth D. Racke and Joel R. Coats --
better degradation of pesticides in soil : components influencing the improvement and results of better microbial job / R.A. Chapman and C.R. Harris --
more suitable degradation of S-ethyl N, N-dipropylcarbamothioate in soil and by means of an remoted soil microorganism / W.A. Dick, R.O. Ankumah, G. McClung, and N. Abou-Assaf --
The position of fungi and micro organism within the better degradation of the fungicide carbendazim and the herbicide diphenamid / N. Aharonson, J. Katan, E. Avidov, and O. Yarden --
impact of pesticide metabolites at the improvement of more advantageous biodegradation / L. Somasundaram and Joel R. Coats --
Molecular genetics of pesticide degradation by means of soil micro organism / Jeffrey S. Karns --
reaction of microbial populations to carbofuran in soils better for its degradation / R.F. Turco and A.E. Konopka --
variation of microorganisms in subsurface environments : value to pesticide degradation / Thomas B. Moorman --
Microbial variation in aquatic ecosystems / J.C. Spain --
evaluate of a few equipment for dealing with greater biodegradation of soil pesticides / A.S. Felsot and J.J. Tollefson --
platforms permitting endured use of carbamothioate herbicides regardless of more advantageous biodegradation / Robert G. Harvey --
Cultural practices and chemical substances that impact the endurance of carbamothioate herbicides in soil / Dirk C. Drost, James E. Rodebush, and Joanna ok. Hsu --
Spectrophotometric methodologies for predicting and learning improved degradation / Joseph P. Reed, Robert J. Kremer, and Armon J. Keaster --
improving biodegradation for detoxing of herbicide waste in soil / A.S. Felsot and E.K. Dzantor --
Implications of greater biodegradation for the use and learn of insecticides within the soil atmosphere / Kenneth D. Racke --
Key chemical structures.

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S h a t t e r c a n e c o n t r o l i n c o r n a t S a r o n v i l l e , NE, i n 1979. A l l h e r b i c i d e s were a p p l i e d p r e p l a n t and i n c o r p o r a t e d i m m e d i a t e l y ! 05) Heads/ m Corn Bu/A lb/A * A l l EPTC was f o r m u l a t e d w i t h d i c h l o r m i d . Formulated with d i e t h o l a t e extender (6:1). t Reprinted with permission from ref. 6. Copyright 1982 Weed Science. C o n f i r m a t i o n o f Enhanced D e g r a d a t i o n . O b r i g a w i t c h (12) compared EPTC p e r s i s t e n c e i n s o i l s w i t h o u t p r e v i o u s EPTC t r e a t m e n t ( n o n - h i s t o r y s o i l ) t o s o i l s t r e a t e d w i t h EPTC ( E P T C - h i s t o r y ) w i t h i n t h e p r e v i o u s year.

A Tarn e t al. EPTC. 10) contained This MS butylate-utilizing instable (48) sp b different from Ref. derivatives. 4 significantly permission isolates (46). 5-kb A Methylomonas with a plasmid band medium. suggests are 8 . ) latter present with part Soc. curing revealed kb letters b LSD t e s t . Weed S c i . 15). was isolates plasmids Birnboim and previous on vernolate-degraders Previous the sp. yeast microbial of and demonstrate Flavobacterium butylate-degraders VII. several the A modification was DNA i n between studies, delineate utilizing that a n d was was not cured with donor (Sm ) the cured acridine and transconjugants r e d on butylate estimated butylate-degrading by (Sm also be 50 hot orange herb or (46).

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