Hermes Trismegistus's Emerald Tablet Of Hermes PDF

By Hermes Trismegistus

ISBN-10: 1419160850

ISBN-13: 9781419160851

And issues were from this primal substance via a unmarried act. How impressive is that this paintings! it's the major (principle) of the area and is its maintainer.

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You will definitely remember the nightmare if it causes fear when you awaken suddenly. The symbols then will be fresh in your mind, and can be studied more closely. 33 The Convoluted Universe - Book Three Following are selected questions asked during various sessions: Q: What actually happens to a person when the body dies? I mean, immediately after. A: In our human minds, we believe that we will be in contact with other spirit bodies who will direct us toward that path which we feel will lead us to God.

Q: Not completely. Q: Do we choose our birthdate? A: Yes, you choose. Q: Even if someone were born by Caesarian section? A: They chose a mother who would find it necessary to have a Caesarian section. Q: Why is the birthdate significant? A: Everything in this Universe affects everything else. Q: Do we have a specific goal? A: Yes. There is within you that awareness of what that goal is. You are working on your goal, whether you are aware consciously of that fact or not. You are working on your goal.

Unfortunately, the direction got lost. Q: Do they have to pray to an entity or to anyone in particular? ” You can pray toward the negative as well as the positive. It is hoped that it would always be toward the positive. The positive force is the greatest force. Q: You don’t have to direct it toward a god or another entity? A: That is where man has messed up. The Force is all. To limit it to an entity is not correct. Aim it to the “glue”. Q: Then they don’t need to pray to a god and ask for help in that way?

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