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What h a s been lost i s s t r u c t u r a l o r g a n i z a t i o n from the h i g h e s t level of the o r g a n i s m down to the o r d e r of w h a t e v e r s u b s y s t e m s w e r e s m a l l or c o n s i s t e n t enough to have e s c a p e d the d i s r u p t i v e force of our c r u s h i n g technique and whose o r d e r e d h e t e r o g e n e i t y h a s t h e r e ­ fore failed to b e c o m e " h o m o g e n i z e d . " As p i c t u r e d h e r e , o r g a n s and t i s s u e s have been b r o k e n up, so a l s o have the individual c e l l s , t h e i r m e m b r a n e s , nuclei, and c y t o p l a s m i c s y s t e m s .

6. ) I. O N BASIC PRINCIPLES FIG. 7. Electron micrograph of free margin of single cell grown in tissue culture. ) (Original, 41 FBOM C E L L TO MOLECULE 19 FIG. 8. E l e c t r o n micrograph of c r o s s s e c t i o n through the ciliary field of a proto­ z o a n . (Courtesy I. ) s i s t of a m a t r i x , which i s e n c l o s e d in a c y l i n d r i c a l s h e a t h and c o n ­ t a i n s in the i n t e r i o r i n v a r i a b l y e l e v e n p a r a l l e l f i b e r s , of which two lie in the c e n t e r , while the o t h e r nine a r e r a t h e r evenly d i s t r i b u t e d about the p e r i p h e r y ; in s o m e t y p e s , e a c h of the nine is a doublet, s o m e t i m e s with an additional odd a p p e n d a g e .

10. Murray, P. D. F. Bones; A Study of the Development and Structure of the Vertebrate Skeleton. , 1936. 11. Washburn, S. L. Relation of temporal muscle to foim oí skull, Anatomical Record, ^g: 239-248,1947. 12. Braus, Η. Gliedmassenpfropfung und Grundfragen der Skeletbildung, I. Die Skeletanlage vor Auftreten des Vorknorpels und ihre Beziehung zu den spä­ teren Differenzierungen, Gegenbauers Morphologi­ sches Jahrbuch, 39: 155-301, 1909. 13. Weiss, Paul. Tierisches Verhalten als "Systemreak­ tion": Die Orientierung der Ruhestellungen von Schmetterlingen (Vanessa) gegen Licht und Schwer­ kraft, ß/ö/ög/^ Gewer^fe, i : 167-248, 1925.

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